Uncover 4 super sneaky self-sabotages that *feel so good* in the moment, but are actually people-pleasing actions that are keeping you stuck.

This awareness allows you to step into your business-backbone power so that the next time one of these itchy old sweaters of people-pleasing slips on, you can say: “No thank you, I prefer cashmere.” 

Do you struggle with...

  • Feeling lost and uncertain in business, teetering on the edge of the mindset spiral of imposter syndrome, and scarcity?
  • Burn out by trying to keep everyone (family, clients, audience, friends, networking groups, etc) happy at your own expense?
  • Deeply rooted people-pleasing tendencies and all its various self-sabotages?

This workshop is for you if you're ready for…

  • Re-connection to your intuition and certainty (and tools to return to this level whenever necessary!)
  • Deep backbone-level confidence and finding joy in expressing your boundaries with everyone, especially clients and family!
  • Awareness about your personal people-pleasing type and tools to stop self-sabotages quickly and at their core

Step into your Business-Backbone Power!

Meet Allison!

Allison Krawiec-Thayer is a spiritually-minded human sunbeam turned IPEC-certified coach helping people-pleasing entrepreneurs find their backbone in business through mindset healing & intuitive strategy. Her first entrepreneurial endeavor resulted in a mental health crisis that landed her in the hospital. Since then, she's been on the healing journey of a lifetime getting to know herself through spirituality, therapy, EFT, mindset work, journaling, and meditation. Since mid-2020 she has focused her gifts on serving people-pleasers who are starting businesses via her company PoppyLead. She and her spouse Mitchell live outside of Denver with their pointy-eared rescue dogs, Kovri and Dandelion.

Connect with our experts! Follow her on Instagram at _poppylead!

Main tagline for workshop leader

"After just one session, I realized how much control I have over my reactions and responses. The session helped me put into words where I am now, where I want to be, and generate concrete ideas of how to get there." - Lana K. 

What's included in this workshop?

  4 "Good Things" You're Doing in Business That Are People-Pleasing Sabotages
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days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

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