Say bye bye to Instagram overwhelm, frustration surrounding changes to the algorithm, spending hours writing captions, & worrying about everything all the damn time!

Join Maria, Instagram Expert, and learn how to enhance your Instagram presence, increase brand awareness, and grow an engaged community around your business.

Do you struggle with...

  • Overwhelm surrounding a constantly changing platform
  • A love & hate relationship with social media
  • Not knowing what to post
  • A lack of results or leads from your efforts
  • Low engagement on your content

This workshop is for you if you’re ready for...

  • a lot of valuable information that will get you going quickly and easily
  • a no fluff, clear pathway to engage with your audience
  • easy-to-follow strategies
  • a 180 degree change of how you view & show up on social media

Join us for this workshop and...

  • feel confident about your strategy
  • get energized & motivated
  • obtain a sense of relief and alignment with your strategy and online presence
  • gain a ton of content ideas
  • prepare to kick ass on Instagram!

Meet Maria Olivia | CEO of SMS Media!

Maria Oliva is an Instagram Expert, Speaker & Educator.She's also the CEO & Founder SMS Media, a Social Media Management and Consulting Agency helping wedding vendors and realtors establish or enhance their Instagram presence. She has a passion for teaching sustainable & fun strategies that provide long term results to all of her clients.

Connect! Follow her on Instagram at @sms_mediapr!

Maria is holding her phone up and waving to it.

My followers increased tremendously in three months! Engagement went up and interactions, too! My business grew and I learned so much from working with Maria. I loved how fast she responded to any of my questions or needs. She is great at giving professional advice and is always willing to help. I learned how to confidently show up on storiesI 100% recommend SMS Media! - Andrea, Andrea Salazar Photography

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I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed my networking experience yesterday. If I'm being totally honest, I was so close to bailing beforehand, as I am an introvert and feel like sometimes I show up as socially awkward, and the thought of networking made my brain yell RUN AWAY!! But I really leaned into a comment that I had read on one of my FB groups, saying that District Bliss offers a totally approachable, warm, welcoming experience. And you did not disappoint!

So, thank you. Thank you for rethinking how networking should look and feel like. Thank you for nurturing this community.

I look forward to connecting with those I met yesterday, as well as attending the next event! - Sarah-Beth Barrett