Do you struggle with...

  • feeling like “an imposter”? 
  • knowing how to make a great impact without sounding “arrogant”?
  • confidence so you hold yourself back from opportunities that can grow your business? 
  • spending more time working behind your business rather than going out into the world?
  • feeling fake or inauthentic when speaking but you want to project a “good image” of yourself?
  • being self-conscious about your voice or don't like how your voice sounds?

Discover how to authentically raise your impact and always feel self-assured when engaging your audience. 

Whether you’re teaching workshops, in meetings, speaking, on social media, on podcasts, or with your clients, your voice and message matter.

This workshop is for you if you want to...

  • grow your business and dreams, and earn more money
  • deepen your value and claim your full impact in the world
  • reach more people through speaking - in person or virtually
  • increase your confidence and express who you are authentically
  • have a more expressive and powerful voice to do what you want

Meet Faith Rumer!

Faith Rumer is passionate about empowering Speakers, Leaders, & Creative Professionals who have a message, movement, purpose or vision, and are ready to get their talents and message out into the world, make a difference and generate more success doing what they love. 

Because they often struggle with the confidence, expressive skills and beliefs they need to make a powerful and authentic impact, especially when speaking or presenting. Faith works with her clients to stop the overwhelm and distractions, release their self-doubt, develop their authentic voice, and truly value their gifts so they can present themselves powerfully and take action to confidently move forward and share their passion. 

Faith has coached thousands of creative professionals, leaders and speakers over the years, including Academy Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, television and recording stars and comedians. She works with world-class entrepreneurs, NBC television hosts, social media influencers and viral YouTube and Podcast hosts. Faith has lectured at Cal State University and is a professor at AMDA, LA. Holding a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology/Voice Therapy. Faith did her internship at USC County Medical Center.

Follow her on Instagram at @faithrumer!

Faith Rumer is looking at the camera smiling

“Faith has been a huge inspiration for me.  She possesses a keen talent and passion for teaching, training, and mentoring. I have become much more comfortable and confident in my reads, auditions, and projects thanks to her expansive education, experience, and expertise.  A true Coach in every sense of the word, Faith is supportive, encouraging and motivational. Her coaching style and methods puts one at ease and stimulates full self-expression.” — Tim Watkins, Voiceover Artist

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