Explore your movements and improve your fitness in this Mat Pilates Class Series.

In each class will focus on specific elements of fitness from strength, to cardiovascular health, to balance, and more.

Using an integrative approach to Pilates, together we'll challenge and expand your strength, flexibility, and mobility using nothing more than your own body weight.

You'll be able to...

  • Identify your specific movement compensation patterns
  • Challenge your overall strength and flexibility
  • Improve your joint mobility and stability
  • Learn easy tricks you can do at home to consistently improve your movement every day

The first session explores mobility in your spine, shoulders, and hips.


The second session focuses on strengthening.

Feel good!

This final session is designed to be fun and make your body feel good while you strengthen and exercise!


Meet Eva Meyer, Owner of The Line Movement

Eva is a movement instructor, who is passionate about teaching people to move well.

Growing up a dancer, she battled with sciatica and pelvic instability due to a series of old dance-related injuries.

After many unsuccessful rounds of physical therapy, and avoiding surgery like the plague, she decided to take matters into her own hands and get educated.

It was during this time that she eft the dance world in exchange for the more “classic” health and fitness community.

She believes that movement is a tool to create physical, emotional, and mental realignment.

Throughout her years working with clients in group classes and private sessions, she has come to understand that your body is much more than a conglomeration of individual muscles and bones.

It is one, whole interactive unit that requires much more than a “one-track” approach to training.

"Eva’s classes are great for both beginners and more experienced people alike! Eva does a great job leading the classes and coming up with innovative exercises!"

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