Does any of this sound familiar? You...

👀   Threw your website together because you just needed something

👀   Feel a little cringe sending folks your URL, because you suspect your site doesn’t good a job of explaining what you do & why people should pay you well for it

👀   Can ramble about your business (with passion!) but struggle to get it down into concise & powerful words for your site

👀   Are procrastinating launching your site because you hate writing (especially about yourself) + the task feels IMMENSE

👀   Get traffic to your website... but hardly anyone takes action

You’ll walk away knowing…

✅  Why your website isn't converting

✅  The 3 crucial shifts to transform your website from “existing” to “selling for you on autopilot!"

✅  How to implement what you’ve learned using examples from my real-life clients 

Join us for this workshop and…

💥  Develop strategies for structuring your website to drive inquiries

💥 Gather specific examples for how to write copy for different pages (especially headlines)

💥 Explore breakdowns of common mistakes on websites using real-life small business examples (and how to remedy them)

💥  Experience huge mindset shifts for how to approach creating your website from a conversion perspective 

Meet Krista Walsh!

Krista Walsh is a website copywriter and strategist helping client-based businesses turn their websites into lead-generating machines. She’s the person you call when you want your website done right from the ground up! 

Connect with our experts! Follow her on Instagram at kristawalshcopywriter

Krista Walsh is sitting at the bar inside a coffee bar with a note pad and pen in her hand.

"I really like Krista’s style of writing and the peaceful way she speaks and explains things. It's a nice break from the hype of a lot of online marketing advice." -M, workshop attendee

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