Strategic partnerships is one of the most effective ways to build know-like-trust and convert clients quickly.

But, where do you find people to partner with, how do you pitch the idea of collaborating... where do you even start?

In this 90-minute workshop, we'll walk through best practices for successful partnerships from start to finish.

Do you struggle with...

  • Understanding the point of collaborative partnerships?
  • Finding the right collaborative partners?
  • Getting in front of a warm audience who is already interested in what you have to offer?

Then, you're in the right place - and you're not alone!

Collaboration allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants - in front of a warm audience.

This workshop is for you if...

  • You aren’t sure how you can use collaborative partnerships in your business
  • You know you need to be collaborating in order to increase your reach, but you’re not sure where to start
  • You don’t know who you should be collaborating with
  • You’re unsure how to reach out to potential partners
  • You don’t know how collaboration fits into your marketing endeavors

It's time to ...

  • Build strategic relationships with other business owners
  • Get in front of other people’s audiences
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • Build your list
  • Convert clients!

Join us for this workshop and gain…

  • Get the tools you need for a successful collaboration
  • Know how to build a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to deliver results time and time again
  • Create a list of people you can collaborate with today - and people you want to collaborate with in the future
  • Start building collaborative relationships today!

Meet Your Workshop Leader!

Sara Alepin | Founder, CEO of District Bliss

Sara is a master connector. She’s so good at it, she turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss community.

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, she’s found ways to leverage connections and continue to expand her multiple businesses, even during the pandemic.

Oh, and she’s a podcaster x2! Sara is the host of The Wedding Dish, where you’ll hear stories about love and entrepreneurship, and the co-host of Laughing with Gingers, where she chuckles with Kristina Kury and plays games.

She loves lattes, spontaneity, laughing loudly, her funny Frenchie, and traveling.

Connect! Follow her on Instagram at @districtblissevents!

Sara is leaning into the camera with a landline gold phone in her hand.

“What an amazing find District Bliss has been! As a District Bliss sponsor, Sara immediately helped me connect with all the great District Bliss members by hosting my free workshop and promoting it extensively.” - Parker, Aligned Online

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I have never felt more welcomed and supported by a business partner. Sara is always thinking about ways to help my business, and creating new opportunities to connect me with her extraordinary network. Her concise understanding of my mission and goals, combined with her passion to help me succeed has been a potent combination for my business. - Jake, Hamilton Post