Grow your followers, tell your brand story, position yourself as an expert in your space and capture leads through proven strategies.

Snag some amazing secrets with social media that most entrepreneurs do not even know about to generate followers, leads & customers.

Walk away with real-world applications into this workshop to make it simple for everyone to understand how to utilize these ideas to fast track your business.

Learn how to...

  • attract and convert your ideal client on Instagram
  • pinpoint who your perfect customer is and how to find them on social media
  • grow your followers
  • tell your brand story
  • position yourself as an expert in your space
  • capture leads through proven strategies

...and iMedia Exposure's 5 principles in content creation:

  1. create a digital marketing plan
  2. it’s all about the narrative,
  3. know your tribe
  4. post quality consistent content
  5. build a marketing + sales funnel
Farhana Cannon, founder & CEO of iMedia Exposure

Farhana Cannon, founder & CEO of iMedia Exposure

Farhana has been helping businesses grow their brand online for 16 years now.

Recently, amidst the pandemic, Farhana has found a way to continue helping and spreading her message and share her knowledge.

She has been focusing most of her time getting together a program she is single-handedly working on...

She recently launched the Brand Boutique Speaker Series where she collaborates and interviews different experts from different niche to deliver high-value content to her audience.

This is all while also debuting her company's premiere Luxe PR Digital Brand Boutique that offers membership to influencers and small business owners from around the world.

iMedia Exposure also hosts virtual summits during the “pause” covering the most essential topic in digital media which is “How to Attract & Convert Your Perfect Client on Online” every other week.

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